Campaign and budget season and the challenge in separating rhetoric from reality.
Small Dreams and the Challenge of Governing ‘The devil is in the details’
The Federally under-written FY2022 Budgets did a lot of good things. Now is the time to start FY2023 to insure those “good things” will last for a…
CURRENTLY All our budgets are wonderful in the short-term AND All our budgets are horrible in the long-term.
The Flaws in Data Driven Decision Making – All numbers are not equal in weight, meaning, or usefulness. Less staff limits ability to understand and act…
Budget Season in Illinois: Hiding the Bad News With “Happy Talk”. Why we rarely get to the discussion of new programs and long-term changes.
Budget Season in Illinois: The hidden flexibility in government budgets and how this affects the creation and implementation of new programs.
Budget Season in Illinois: The Focus on Bond Ratings and Misleading headlines Has Warped the Budget Process by Replacing Discussion of Funding Needs…
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